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Business Yoga

Winners: Prestige Award: 2020 Workplace Yoga Specialists of The Year: Learn and experience some simple ways to regulate and bring you back to relaxed at the desk and get the best out of you and your employees with Ella Mesma and her team


We have three yoga-inspired sessions which bring calm and focus to the mind, and body and reduce the aches induced by office life:

(11:11) Full Yoga Class

Offer your clients a yoga class. This experience requires a clear space for yoga mats and staff to change into gym wear (or opt for Hatha inspired chair yoga) and will leave them with the full benefits of yoga practise. Our team include accredited Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa teachers to give your staff a truly invigorating experience. 

(23:23) Business Yoga Movement Meditation

Is a specifically designed Business Yoga© Movement Meditation session bringing movement and wellbeing to the desk. Our most popular session, this movement meditation has been developed with office workers in mind, and will not raise a sweat so there is no need to change or even leave your desk. 

(15:15) Business Yoga Movement Meditation

Is a shorter Business Yoga© Movement Meditation session which we take all over offices to allow a quick fix for staff pushed for time. We bring the class to the desk: you do not need to clear us a space and sessions will take place in chairs or standing.

Business Yoga


Business Yoga