Office Workout

Business Yoga

Winners: Prestige Award: 2020 Workplace Yoga Specialists of The Year: Learn and experience some simple ways to regulate and bring you back to relaxed at the desk and get the best out of you and your employees with Ella Mesma and her team

Business Yoga help businesses to create wellbeing programs to combat stress and boost productivity. The Director: Ella Mesma came to this path because as a sufferer from Scoliosis, she found desk work was taking its toll. She also observed the pain of family members and friends struggling with the pressures at work, and decided to make it her mission to enhance workplace wellbeing. As a yoga teacher, a dance artist and a teacher of alchemy, she has devised a series of workshops which can be done at the desk


We have two workouts:

Full Work Out

We offer 45 minute work out sessions at the work place. (For this session a separate room is preferred and staff will need a change of clothing for this session: sweating anticipated!)

(15:15©) Work Out

Using the equipment in the office we have created a fun injection of energy to get your stuff energised and ready for their next session of work. Simple and fun, this session focuses on teamwork, on working out the body and on making sure they are able to go straight back into work fresh and focused.