Office Movement Sessions

We will come to you: All you need is an office space.

We offer timed movement sessions which bring calm, focus, and reduce the aches induced by office life:

07:07 Breathe cards (7 breaths to relax and destress)

7 breaths to relax and destress which can be taught once and cards used as prompts to use any time.

11:11 meditation (11 minutes of meditation)

We all know the power of meditation. 11 minutes is proven to have a profound difference.

22:22 work out (22 moves to tone and condition)

A specifically designed Business Yoga© Workout Meditation session involving 22 moves in 22 minutes at the desk to tone and condition.

(23:23) Business Yoga© Movement Meditation (Read More)

A specifically designed Business Yoga© Movement Meditation session involving 23 moves in 23 minutes at the desk. The session will not raise a sweat so there is no need to change or even leave your desk. 

(15:15) Business Yoga© Movement Meditation (Read More)

Is a 15 minute Business Yoga© Movement Meditation session to allow a quick fix for staff pushed for time. We bring the class to the desk

(14:14) Work Out (Read More)

Using the equipment in the office we have created a 14 minute workout to get your team revived and ready for high productivity. 

(1:11) Full Yoga Class (Read More)

Offer your clients a full yoga class. This experience requires a clear space, yoga mats and staff to change into gym wear. Our team include accredited Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa teachers.  

(1:11) Full Work Out (Read More)

Give your team a lunchtime work out. This experience requires a clear space and staff to change into gym wear: sweating anticipated!