Why Business Yoga?

Business Yoga

Corporate Wellness & Desk Yoga to Ease Stress & Save Time


Here at Business Yoga the goal is to bring wellbeing to the work place, to create a happy and harmonious work environment because… 

A happy work place is the best environment for everyone!

Sick days, depression and anxiety at work: employee wellbeing is important!

There has been lots of research that suggests staff take less sick days and are more productive when they are offered wellness programmes at work. 

Research shows that humans naturally move from full focus and energy to physiological fatigue every 90 minutes 

(Read More about this reasearch)

Business Yoga


By  giving your employees ‘off the clock’ rewards you will are actually creating the potential for higher productivity!

By offering your offices our Business Yoga movement meditation sessions, yoga, office workouts, office massage, office assessments and leadership trainings, you are improving productivity, showing you care about their well being and are investing in your team long term.

By giving this to your staff, they will be happier! You will show and allow them to value themselves which will have a knock on positive effect on work environment and consequently, improve performance.

Business Yoga

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Business Yoga