When our cup is empty, how can we be of service to the world? (Tips for coping with trauma and stress)

When we are stressed, we are inside of trauma. We all go through tiny traumas every day, and with each experience, our brains and our bodies respond. We enter into that heightened state of arousal: fight or flight (found out more about that here)

Our fight or flight response can involve a range of emotions, like anxiety, overwhelm, anger, and emotional outbursts. If you (like many of us) are experiencing that, know that you are not alone. Today we are offering some simple tips to deal with trauma and bring you back to homeostasis (find out what homeostasis means here), we would love to offer some tips for coping and transmuting:

1. Identify your emotions.

What emotions are you feeling? Stressful situations put us out of our power, and can result in us feeling angry, lonely, frustrated, scared or sad. Take some time to identify what you are feeling and why? Then see if you can take responsibility: is there anything you can do about the situation? Perhaps, if you are feeling scared, you may be able to then figure out some steps that would reduce this. Fun fact: we only hold emotions by 90 seconds (read more about that here).

2. Delay the urge to binge or go into a negative cycle.

Here are some suggestions to delay the urge to eat, or drink, or think negative thoughts:

* Go for a walk

*Try tapping (Here is a link and an explanation)

*Talk to someone (call a friend or a coach (Read why I recommend everyone has a coach here))

*Choose to be healthy: take a moment to meditate on this: what is the obvious thing to do if you choose to be healthy? (Try that meditation here)

*Journal or free write (this can be a great way to find out what we are feeling and let the emotions release).

3. Feeling angry? Let that anger out!

Those emotions that stay: it is often because we are ‘choosing’ to hold on to or bury them instead of get those emotions in motion. Here are some suggestions to let them out:

*Exercise: try boxing, running, or TRE (link here)

*Punch pillows

*Listen to music

*Shout (but not at someone!): Maybe cycle somewhere remote and scream and shout it out! Or just try communicating it with words to the person inviolved…

*Create it out: for example paint or write, maybe write a poem or a song!

4. Slide to the other polarity

You are not alone! Many of us feeling sad or overwhelmed. Hate and love are on the same vibration. So are sadness and joy. Try to turn the emotions you are feeling into their opposite. Here are some tips to make that happen:

Gratitude: Make a list of things you are grateful for (gratitude lists and journals are great)

Blessings: Think of 3 ways you can make your day a blessing

Give joy to someone else: The hermetic law of giving and receiving might be out of sync for you, so when you are feeling sad, try to do something nice for someone: then maybe this will trigger your feel good vibrations and heart opening!

5. Talk about your feelings.

This may be the most powerful way to release our emotions: tell somebody… and it will also bring them closer to you: sometimes we have no idea those close to us are suffering.

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