⬢ Stress is a worldwide problem, with more people working long hours, and finding it hard to switch off.
⬢ 2 million workdays are lost in the UK are due to employee stress and anxiety!
⬢ 1 in 6 employees suffer from depression
⬢ Total annual sick pay costs to employers in the UK are 6.9billion
⬢ Work-related illnesses are the primary cause of lost working days. They cause long-term suffering and can be permanent, which is why putting the right prevention schemes in place in the office is crucial. Work-related stress develops when a person is unable to cope with demands placed upon them. It can affect a person’s ability to perform properly at work.
⬢ Office work can contribute to stress, depression, anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders which result in reduced efficiency, reduced productivity and an increase in sick leave. Relationships at work are also vital in creating a positive and productive environment.
⬢ In offices we also inhibit natural movement of the spine, making this a primary problem area, and also reducing the blood and oxygen pumped to the brain thus affecting our mood, concentration and stress levels.

We offer wellbeing work shops that are accessible to all. When a company values wellbeing, satisfaction levels rise and staff are happier and more productive.
Business Yoga evaluate and reimagine the work environment with businesses to reduce stress, boost productivity and create happy, engaged staff.

Award winning Business Yoga came first for Workplace Yoga Specialists of The Year: Prestige Award: 2020