What is Fight Or Flight?

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The fight or flight response is also known as the acute stress response, and whilst helpful in the wild when running from a lion, it can get in the way of staff productivity when induced by an upcoming deadline.
The fight or flight response makes our body experience two types of reactions:
⬢ Physical symptoms like a pounding heart, sweating or a dry mouth.
⬢ Emotionally and mentally affected by fear and anxiety.
Everything behaviourally can be explained by the nervous system: our fight or flight mode: our personality in stress is very different to when we are grounded and feeling safe.
Acute stress is a normal primal bodily response. It happens so fast it precedes conscious processing. It floods you with enough energy to win a fight or flee situation in times of danger. This mechanism has been helping humans survive for millions of years.  The cortisol hormone gets blood to your limbs and gives you the energy to run away.
Our body cannot differentiate between a perceived threat and a real threat: our body thinks that that email or that deadline are as bad as that lion! ‘Little traumas’ happen every day, and when we hit overwhelm, we hit acute stress.
Because we often don’t discharge by running from the lion or fighting back, stress releases chemicals including adrenaline and cortisol can stay in the body: we haven’t discharged: leading to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, memory issues, cognitive issues, coronary artery disease.

To decrease the problems caused by occupational postures, it is suggested we avoid long sitting hours and take frequent breaks to stretch.

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