Wellness Tips for Good Routine

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We have been thinking a lot about the importance of creating good routines. When we make something a routine it becomes effortless: automatic. Here are three rituals that we find a great part of our morning routine:

Drink water

Being just 1% dehydrated can affect mental performance, so after a whole night of sleep we have a bit of catching up to do. Our brain mass is an amazing 75% water and if that quantity decreases, it can leave you struggling to concentrate, feeling sluggish and feeling imbalanced emotionally and mentally.

Be mindful

It easier to stick to new rituals if you attach them on to a part of your day that already has a routine, like first thing in the morning. We are actually in the process of publishing a mindfulness journal to build this into your morning ritual. Creating a moment in the morning to meditate or just be present in what you are doing trains your brain to concentrate. A study found that people who meditated regularly over a few weeks increased their working memory by an incredible 30%. Meditation is renowned for helping with tension, sleep problems, problem solving and emotional stress.

Food for thought

We need food for our brains to think. Researchers asked a group of children to come to school after eating a healthy breakfast, and asked another group to come to school without eating anything. Those that skipped breakfast displayed increased behavioural problems and learning difficulties compared to those who ate breakfast. (And then after they had a mid-morning snack, their behaviour improved!) A study by the International Labour Organisation showed that poor nutrition effects productivity by up to 20%. So, perhaps try not skipping breakfast this week and let us know how you get on?