Wellness Tips for combatting a sedentary lifestyle

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Humans are built to stand upright, but evolution hasn’t caught up with modern times where the typical human sits most of the time!

The human body: from the heart to the bones and bowels, works best in an upright posture, and a sedentary lifestyles can actually shorten our life. But with offices set up for sitting, and most activities in our modern world involve chairs, it can be hard to avoid it.

Sedentary lifestyles are linked to:

  • Back pain: Those who sit frequently have an increased risk of poor spine health and disc degeneration. (This is especially true if we don’t work on our posture, don’t use ergonomically designed chairs or workstations, and if we don’t dedicate time to working out.
  • Type 2 diabetes: The risk of developing diabetes is 112% higher in those who walk fewer than 1,500 steps per day.
  • Varicose veins: Prolonged sitting can cause blood to pool in the legs.
  • Depression: Researchers think sedentary lifestyles could correspond to a lack of exercise, and so depression.
  • Weight gain: Digestion isn’t as efficient while sitting.

So here are few tips for you to put in place in your day to better look after your health:

  • Fidget… try to move as much as you can in your chair! Yes your colleagues may think you are strange but you keep your body alive and working!
  • Buy a desk bike! I have one and am a massive fan: Here is the one I use! (or click the link below)
  • Use the stairs rather than the lift
  • Walk to work instead of getting the bus: or even just get off one stop early (Or park farther away from wherever you’re going)
  • Take walks during your rest breaks.
  • If you don’t have a standup option for your desk, buy a monitor/keyboard stand so you can work while standing and let yourself stretch your legs.
  • Book a business yoga session for 15 minutes once a day!

Let us know how you get on: you may even notice an improvement in lower back pain within a few days!