*15.2 million workdays lost in the UK are due to employee stress and anxiety.

*1 in 6 employees suffer from depression

*Total annual sick pay costs to employers in the UK are 6.9billion


Stress is a worldwide problem, with more people working long hours, and finding it hard to switch off. We are constantly overloaded with information via emails, news and social media! Research has shown that a relatively small investment into wellbeing: including yoga, mindfulness and massage, has helped reduce absenteeism at work by 30%, saving companies thousand per year. Your decision should not be whether you should be taking action to tackle absenteeism, but how should you be tackling absenteeism?

At Business Yoga, We Offer A Range Of Convenient Wellbeing Programmes To Combat Stress. All You Need Is An Office Space. 

We Are The Perfect Investment For A Healthy Happy Workplace, Improving Productivity And Focus, And Reducing And Stress.

Stress Is A Part Of Our Life And Affects Our Overall Health And Well-Being, And Absenteeism Caused By Stress Costs.

Business Yoga Is About Taking Small Increments Of Time To Make Big Changes Over Time, Because Time Is Money.

We Bring Our Programmes To Your Office, Transforming Your Working Environment by bringing calm and focus to the mind and body and reducing the aches and stress induced by office life. 
By increasing Employee Satisfaction you will Thus Health at Work and  Productivity.

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