Tips to help Migraines

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In lock down 1, I ended up over working. I felt so grateful I had work, I felt I wanted to help as much as I could.

I was used to working from home, but I was not used to the level of zoom and screen time. I also felt the fear around everything connected to the virus, and I began getting stress related migraines.

Thankfully I learnt (the hard way) the importance of breaks, and now I time my work sessions to make sure I put me first. Now my cup is full up I actually feel like I am working (and living) better.
There has been a massive increase in people working from home, and a massive rise in related pain in the body.

It can be a hard shift in working life, (especially juggling home schooling!) and easy to lose that work life balance. 

Without regular breaks any posture we have for a prolonged period can cause muscle tightness which over time can cause pain.

One very common desk related health issue is neck pain which can actually lead to migraines.
Did you know we have a 23onMe® timer (which you can try for free on our website) to encourage breaks to get out in nature and to move your body. This perfectly complements our 23onMe® classes and membership site.

Here are some tips for working wise and finding work/home/life balance:

  • Get dressed and block out your diary as if you were in the office
  • Take some time to get some fresh air in your day as you may be missing your daily commute or walk to get a coffee.
  • Get a stand up desk and alternate between sitting and standing (see our recommendations here)
  • Get a back support to support your spine when working long hours.

Or try this tip to relieve migraines and headaches