Tips to create good leadership and healthy environments

It can be hard looking after your own wellness let alone a whole team of people, so here are some great ways to improve wellness for you and your workers;

  • Lead by example to promote healthy working habits
  • Give everyone in your team all the information, training and development they need to do their job to a good standard and understand how they contribute to wider organisational goals.
  • Set clear and realistic deadlines and expectations for yourself and others.
  • Watch out for people working excessive hours with no breaks (you included): it could mean there’s too much work to do, or your team might need support and development to work more effectively.
  • Make sure everyone’s role and responsibilities are well matched with their skills, experience and career aspirations.
  • Wherever possible, give your team a say over what they do and how they do it.
  • Give people who work alone opportunities to form relationships with others, and give those who work in busy teams the opportunity to work in a quieter environment from time to time.