Timing your Breaks

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Today we want to talk about the importance of taking regular breaks.

Whilst it might feel like working non stop is the best way, taking a break from that intense work to do something you love is actually a way to connect to your higher creativity and be more productive.

Our brains actually continue problem solving whilst we are not fixing our concentration on that issue: a bit like sleeping on it (when you wake up with the solution).

A recent study by Bristol University found that taking just 23 minutes out of your day can not only lead to your feeling less stressed, but it has been proven that in-office corporate yoga and wellbeing sessions result in:

•21% higher for concentration on work
•22% higher for finishing their work on time
•25% higher for working without unscheduled breaks
•41% for feeling motivated to work (also helping to reduce absenteeism).

So here are this weeks invitations:

  • Try our 23onMe timer to work more focused hours
  • Balance working hours with ‘creative breaks’ to take walks, to move at your desk, to have a moment of mindfulness
  • Allow pauses to give your intuition a chance to process, engage and work in flow

Give our timer a try here to work smart and feel great. You can adapt the timings to work for you and will receive reminders of when it is time to take a break. When you are ready to start working, just hit play, and we will take care of the rest.