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Business Yoga

Winners: Prestige Award: 2020 Workplace Yoga Specialists of The Year:Learn and experience some simple ways to regulate and bring you back to relaxed at the desk and get the best out of you and your employees with Ella Mesma and her team

Delivery: We suggest over one hour holding three 15-minute sessions or two 23- minute sessions, for up to 15 people per session.

Suggested times: 11am or 3pm but we can fit to your needs

Investment in your team is £2.22 per staff member

(This is based on x 3 of our 15 minute sessions for 15 participants for a 6 week course)

1 hour session (2x 23minutes or 3x15minutes sessions): £150 or book a 6 Week course at £100 per session.

Business Yoga

We also offer:

Exercise programmes: Yoga, dance, and exercise programmes at desk or in a private room on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Mindfulness Programmes: Mindfulness and breathing programmes

Massage Programmes: At desk or in a private room at a massage chair

Team Building & Educational Seminars: On mental health and wellbeing

Desk Assessments: Feng Shui your office space

Coaching and Mediating Packages

Business Yoga

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Business Yoga