Business Yoga

“Thanks so much for having us at your session, it was great to be able to take part and we feel so good after it!”

Leeds Beckett University

“Loved it. Such simple moves but they really helped with the tightening in the back of my neck. Will try and do it daily”.

Sophie at Hitachi

“A great way to unfurl tension and stress in the middle of the working day”.

Eleanor Ward: Attending online classes during lockdown

“This is SO good! I just tried it to boost my morning as well as coffee for ready to go smile I particularly like the tapping, it was great.”

Elaine at Hitachi

“Business yoga came to us, meaning we could take less time and get more benefit”

Participant at a NExus HQ in london

“Thank you Ella I really enjoyed the workout at the end of the working day”.

Mariam at Hitachi

“In this busy world where targets are to be achieved, deadlines are to be met and a million different plates are needing to be spun at the same time, many of us are so busy that we don’t even notice the tension that we are holding in our bodies and minds. Business Yoga is the perfect quick remedy to that”. 

Rachel Gosling, Leeds

“Thank you Ella was great I’m going to try to do this every afternoon as a break from work”.

Vanessa at Hitachi

“An excellent quick fix surgery for healthy bodies, healthy minds, happy staff” 

Rita Pinto, Unit 4, Lisbon

Brilliant it was very relaxing and calming more of this in a piece please. Thank you to Ella

Sam at Hitachi

“Taking half an hour early afternoon to do business yoga together was brilliant”.

Participant, Bristol

“It was a great pick-me-up for both mind and body and we could do it at our desks with no need to change our clothes.” 

Patricia Stead, Bristol


Business Yoga