Be More Tree

Working from home can be stressful, juggling work life, working at less than ideal desks, childcare and more can mean self care is so important. Research shows that humans naturally move from full focus and energy to physiological fatigue every 90 minutes, so once a week we offer our signature 23onMe session for the public, and […]

Stress and Fight or Flight reponses

The fight or flight response is also known as the acute stress response, and whilst helpful in the wild when running from a lion, it can get in the way of staff productivity when induced by an upcoming deadline.

Good Foundations

We have been thinking a lot about the importance of creating good routines. When we make something a routine it becomes effortless: automatic. Here are three rituals that we find a great part of our morning routine: Drink water Being just 1% dehydrated can affect mental performance, so after a whole night of sleep we […]

Acupressure Massage

COVID-19 has highlighted how vital our immune system is for fighting off viruses. If we have good internal health, bacteria and viruses shouldn’t be too problematic for us. Here are some simple things we can we do to improve our health inside and out: Sleeping properly: try to establish a sleeping pattern and stick to […]

The Spine is the secret to youth

The spine is made to flex, extend, laterally bend, and rotate. Our spine can move in six directions: forward bending, backward bending, right side stretching, left side stretching, right twisting, and left twisting, but when we are sitting still: it doesn’t move at all! They say that our spine is the secret to youth: a […]

Meditation tips

Nowadays, I love meditation, but that was no easy feat. It took 10 day Vipassana retreats, silent retreats with Mooji, years of yoga practise to finally find stillness and quiet without thought, and still some days I observe the mind wandering. On those days, when my thoughts wander off, I am not hard on myself, […]

Crystals that help with sleep

We spend most of the day busy, moving from one place to the next, ticking off the to do list. By the time night time comes and we stop to unwind, sometimes the opposite happens, and our brain starts to process the events of the day and that little thing that niggled at you earlier […]

Nature is good for the soul!

Studies show that surrounding your workspace with items that bring you joy, such as a plant, or an image that triggers the mind to recall a memory, a future goal, or a place in nature, can have a really positive affect on our wellbeing. Making time to look at these items throughout your working day […]