Wellness Tips for combatting a sedentary lifestyle

Humans are built to stand upright, but evolution hasn’t caught up with modern times where the typical human sits most of the time! The human body: from the heart to the bones and bowels, works best in an upright posture, and a sedentary lifestyles can actually shorten our life. But with offices set up for […]

Wellness Tips for focus

Have you noticed your ability to pay attention suffers when you are stressed? The need to juggle work, home, finance and health can be intense. The current situation and this new idea of normality can cause anxiety. Or our stress might be more noticeable because we are stopping or working in a different way, and […]

What is Stress?

Stress-related illness costs the economy £3.7 billion a year and affects an estimated one in five of us each year. Hilly Janes explains why stress makes us ill and runs through seven of the most common types of stress-related illness.

Take a break every 90 minutes

Your calendar is probably full of things to do, but how often do you schedule in breaks? If it’s rare to find a blank space on your calendar, you should rethink your nonstop workflow. Taking regular timeouts can help you refresh your focus and get more done, productivity experts say. And how often you should […]