Our Solutions

Our packages provide great benefits to encourage loyal staff, giving them the space and time for themselves as valued individuals so they are more likely to stay and choose to work with your company. Enable you employees to start the week ready to be productive, help them set their goals and use their lunch break wisely to create healthy, happy workspaces.

Mat Yoga:

Yoga means balance and unity and our mat classes create the right mindset for productivity and clarity of mind. We can offer Ashtanga, Kundalini, Hatha or Vinyasa based classes, concentrating on simple stretches and breathing techniques. Classes can be 45 minutes to One hour 30 minutes.

Goal Setting:

Set up your day right with breathing and focus mindfulness sessions inspired by our book 23onMe: Daily Journal and goals setting to keep your cup full up. Help your team to work with objectives, create team goals and accountability partners, and measure performance against objectives. This combines techniques to boost productivity, focus and confidence in staff.

23onMe Daily Journal and goals setting to keep your cup full up:

These can come in PDF or printed format for your team


Our excellent masseuses can help your staff feel great through their working day with 15 minute massage sessions

Wellbeing Talks:

On nutrition, overwhelm, sleep, resilience, burn out, nutrition, yoga, wellbeing, holistic spaces, holistic approaches to wellbeing, Mental Health, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Addiction, Overwhelm and more (these can be designed and organised with the company to suit corporations objective & values)

Team Building:

Wellbeing day as a treat for your team, Creative task solving days, leadership training and more


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