We have partnered up with a team of wellbeing professionals to create incredible retreats for working professionals

Our mindfulness and wellbeing retreats combine the holistic benefits of yoga and meditation (but debunks the ‘yogi stereotype stuff’) with executive coaching, luxury accommodation and organic fine food.

You will be surrounded by mentors, teachers and guests who understand you and your way of living – our bespoke retreats are made by professionals, for professionals.

Our retreats are based in the Southwest of England – Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire – where you can escape to the countryside and explore the Jurassic coastline.

We offer both weekend wellness retreats, and one day recharge and reset retreats.

Our retreats are founded on the principle that in order to perform long term and at our best in our careers, we need to take time out to reconnect and restore balance occasionally.  

We offer a stay in luxury accommodation with fine dining, whilst still experiencing the grounding and balance that mindfulness practice, meditation and yoga can bring. Whilst mindful living, yoga, meditation and mental fitness are at the heart of our retreats, it is delivered in a non-secular, modern-day way, that relates to you and your lifestyle – no chanting, gongs or crystals!

Our retreats are carefully curated to give you exactly what you need; space where you could be unapologetically you within a community of like minded individuals, who understand one another and, together, can take the time to disconnect, breathe, and reconnect. 

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05 November 2021 at 16:00 – 07 November 2021 11:00am

Georgian Coach House, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

Our retreats are carefully curated to give you the most effective wellness experience possible and our aim is to enable you to take time out, rest, reset and gain valuable tools and techniques that you can use long after the retreat has finished.