Alchemist Package 11:11

Office work can contribute to stress, depression, anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders which result in reduced efficiency, reduced productivity and an increase in sick leave. Relationships at work are also vital in creating a positive and productive environment.

To be at their most productive, it is actually beneficial for your team to have regular breaks, and so giving your team ‘Off the Clock’ time is a great practice and investment in your staff.

The Alchemist Package is what we aspire to offer to companies across the world, because it tackles work-related illnesses (the primary cause of lost working days) directly.

11:11 The Alchemist

One Business Yoga© Movement Meditation session a week (A 3×15 minute or 2x 23 minute session in locations across your office: no need to get changed or leave the desk to take part), 

One 45 minute movement session a week in an area with space for your staff to take a yoga or workout session (suggested for Lunchtime)

Two sessions of massage at the desk per week (Our staff move across your building bringing massage to you so work time will be uninterrupted (or we can set up a separate room with a massage chair) (15 minutes per staff member) (totalling 8 staff a month to receive a massage)

One hour team building every three months (or adapt this to once every year and add more massage time to your package)