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My name is Ella and I am a dancer and a yoga teacher. I trained with the Karam Kriya School, Embodied Dancer (Yoga Alliance Certified) and at the London School of Contemporary Dance. I am also an entrepreneur: Business Yoga is a project close to my heart, which is about bringing wellbeing into the office.

Business Yoga was the result of a brainwave I had while working in an office to support my career as a performer and choreographer. I have had the good fortune to be able to offer colleagues ‘at desk’ workouts and have been struck by how transformational they can be. When a company values wellbeing, satisfaction levels rise and staff are happier and more productive.

Business Yoga 

I saw first-hand the positive impact on my colleagues’ stress and energy levels during the working day when their personal wellbeing was valued. I began developing specific sequences and designing my own program of at-desk workouts for the office. These have now become key elements of the Business Yoga concept.

As someone who has suffered with back pain, I really know how important a supple spine is to a healthy body. In offices we inhibit natural movement of the spine, making this a primary problem area!

Experiencing the impact that sitting at a desk was having on myself and colleagues and the difference that yoga made to body and mind, I recognised the potential of Business Yoga.

Business Yoga

I decided to make it my personal mission to make sure that staff wellbeing is at the centre of the ethos of every company, and to make that as simple as possible for employers to put in place.


I would LOVE to see yoga be a part of office space in our future.

I cannot begin to stress how much meditation, movement and yoga have changed my life for the better, helping me to combat those stresses, and in the places where my sessions have been implemented, how much they have helped transform office life: making the office a place that everyone can love going to. 

Business Yoga

So far, I have helped to create more positive work environments in workplaces across the UK and in Portugal and I would love to help your office too!

In each workplace that myself and my team have had the opportunity to practise, we have seen improvements in happiness and productivity along with reduced time off due to sickness. 

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