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Business Yoga

Is work stress taking its toll? Are you struggling to stay focused and productive at your desk? Learn and experience some simple ways to regulate and bring you back to relaxed at the workplace and get the best out of you or your employees!


Because of the strong impact design has on mood (80% of how we perceive and experience situations is based on our visual environment), spending a little time focusing on the environment your employees are working in makes sense.

Logically, we can all agree that our surroundings somewhat influence our mood. Clutter can create feelings of disorganisation or stress; open spaces can feel calming.

Sick building syndrome is the name for symptoms one only gets while in a particular building, usually an office. 

Possible symptoms include:

  • headaches
  • blocked or runny nose
  • dry, itchy skin
  • dry, sore eyes
  • rashes
  • tiredness and difficulty concentrating
Business Yoga

Desk Intervention

Feng Shui your office space with experts in Feng Shui and Interior Design. You will be provided with and involved in the development of a plan for the refurbishment (based on your budget) (This could be a simple rearrange or a full on redesign)

The Feng Shui of your desk really does matter! We spend so many hours at our desk, and yet how much thought goes into the office layout? The better the energy in the office, the higher productivity. Using desk assessment training, feng shui and nature, we can help you to create a positive working environment in your office.

(We recommend a one off or yearly session)

Plant Intervention

Adding plants to an office improves the office’s environment, but studies have shown that office workers feel far more satisfied when they have a view that overlooks vegetation as opposed to another building or road, so if you can’t afford a full desk assessment and intervention, why not opt for our Plant Intervention?

Business Yoga



Business Yoga