Meditation tips

Nowadays, I love meditation, but that was no easy feat. It took 10 day Vipassana retreats, silent retreats with Mooji, years of yoga practise to finally find stillness and quiet without thought, and still some days I observe the mind wandering.

On those days, when my thoughts wander off, I am not hard on myself, I remind myself that it takes practise and that’s where this beautiful journey begins.

Here are some tips for meditation:

  • The Monkey Mind (“Right, think of nothing. Is this right? I don’t feel any different. What shall I have for dinner? Shut up brain! My boss really annoyed me today. Stop thinking! Ahhh!”)

This is completely normal and all part of your journey. The reason we practise is to get better at slowing down our thoughts and letting go of them so we can connect to the present moment. A great way to start is by using a guided meditation. There are thousands of guides on YouTube you can access for free and they will provide you with that much needed focus to ease you into your practise and help keep those thought rambles at bay, but here is one we made earlier that we hope will leave you feeling relaxed and fulfilled.

  • Active Meditation

If you’re doing something mindfully, then you’re meditating. Swimming, showering, drawing, dancing, painting, even doing the dishes! If you let your activity bring you into the present moment, then you’re meditating! I love this way: for me this is true flow

  • Be more Tree

Sometimes just being in nature puts us into a meditative state, one where we are truly in touch with our inner state: our inner sense. Try walking or just being… or even tree hugging!

  • Intuitive Meditation

This is my favourite way to create and is a beautiful way to connect to the heart of who we are! To imagine, to dream, to allow our mind to let go of our current reality, the stories holding us back and build our own universe… to allow possibility into our lives. Want to know more about this? Head over to our sister site Maya Gandaia.

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