How We Work

Inspired by Nature

We look to nature, because we would like to empower our customers to be in balance, and in turn to pollinate the work space with positive mentality and wellness at the heart.
  • Lack of Space? Only a chair and desk needed for a desk session
    Injuries? Simple sessions to deal with repetitive strain and other injuries available
  • Lack of Time? Our shortest sessions are part of our membership at 3minutes, or we have 15 minute, 23 minute, 45 minute and one hour sessions.
  • Cost of sessions? Our sessions work out on average of £5 return for every £1 invested and work out at around £5 or less per staff member per session
  • Beginners? Sessions are for all level and abilities


Oh hey there, bee-you-to-the-full! 
We are about empowering staff to look after themselves: a happy workforce work smart, and ‘bee’ smart. I have made it my personal mission to support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos, and I would love to help your office to do the same. Creating bespoke processes to embed wellbeing in the workplace will have long term, life changing positive impact on wellbeing, productivity and staff happiness, leading to a reduction in absenteesim. We know the pressure of deadlines, and so we have come up with short sharp solutions to embed good practise without taking up too much time.
  • We work with each company to understand their needs and create the best package for everyone involved.
  • We deliver solutions to companies and individuals to combat stress and ‘be more bee’: offering bespoke packages to get the best out of everyone in the workplace.
  • From online and in person classes, to massage or team building events, Business Yoga offer effective ways to regulate and bring team members back to relaxed.
  • We can also help you to set up your work space in your office or at home, with our qualified desk assessors

Be More Tree

In nature the whole ecosystem contributes to and collaborates in favour of the collective good. Bees imply industry, wealth, bounty, and wisdom. The majestic bee is our inspiration: they work hard, they understand teamwork, and they also create positive change: 70% of the fruit and vegetables you eat have been pollinated by bees! Bees and flowering plants have a mutualistic relationship where both species benefit: flowers provide bees with nectar and pollen, which worker bees collect to feed their communities, and bees spread pollen from flower to flower, leading to pollination.