Good office aromas and why we love nature so much

Did you know smell is the most likely to trigger emotions and memories? With this in mind, here are a few great ways of staying closer to nature in the work place;

1. Open the windows, the doors: bring the outside in or simply let fresh air circulate helping to revive a stale atmosphere and boost energy levels

2. Bring in a bunch of your favourite fresh flowers (or our plant intervention): not only will flowers and plants brighten up the place, they will also smell great!

3. You could also try reed diffusers to bring the smells of nature into the office!

Whatever your favourite scent, capture it and use it to create calm at the office.

Nature is so good for the soul we want to remind you some more! As you know, we donate monthly profits from our business to 8billiontrees and here are a few more reasons why we are so mad about trees!

  • Environmental psychologists argue that there is a ‘value’ component added to the human-nature relationship. By staying close to nature, we feel the value: we are more grateful and appreciative of what nature has to offer to us (Harold Proshansky). Seeing the wonders of the world outside automatically fosters within us the urge to protect it: of the wonder of mother nature!
  • Breathing in nature gives us wholesome sensory awareness. When we spend time outdoors, we are more mindful of what we see, what we hear, what we smell, and what we feel.

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