Crystals that help with sleep

We spend most of the day busy, moving from one place to the next, ticking off the to do list. By the time night time comes and we stop to unwind, sometimes the opposite happens, and our brain starts to process the events of the day and that little thing that niggled at you earlier that you didn’t have time to think about whilst you were distracted with the ‘to do’… now that event is going around and around in your head…

To calm the mind, we have to calm the body and soul, we need to come back to homeostasis… to become one with nature, and to do this we have to heal our energy. Here are some crystals and how their properties can help us find stillness:

  • Moonstone

Moonstone is perfect for easing negative thoughts. Moonstone reduces our emotional stress, decreases our anxiety and promotes feelings of peace.

  • Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known for its positive healing energy, and can bring on feelings of love and satisfaction.

  • Howlite

Howlite Crystals have a calming energy that helps reduce tension and insomnia. Place the crystal under your pillow and feel the relaxing energy rising up and helping you drift off.

  • Amethyst

Sleeping with this crystal deepens our sleep and helps the brain attune to calmness and positivity. Amethyst also purifies our aura, ignites the crown chakra and sets us on a path to divine wisdom.

  • Lepidolite

Lepidolite brings feelings of self-love, happiness and appreciation whilst also soothing and calming the soul.

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