Being an Award Winning Corporate Wellness Business.

We offer a whole approach; mental physical emotional encouraging everyone to feel well in their body and mind and thus being better at work and at home

Be your own guru and fill up your cup.

An all encompassing to address all aspects of wellbeing.

We help hr managers find the tools to demonstrate how much they care for their staff!

We devise tools and solutions to create a happy and productive and healthy work environment

23onMe and 15onMe are our unique desk movement sessions which concentrate on simple stretches and breathing techniques that can be done at people’s desks. The techniques are simple and accessible to all and can easily fit into the working day as it can be done in your work clothes. 

Business Yoga’s 23onMe programme is a great way to create the right mindset for productivity and clarity of mind, and evidence has shown it has a direct benefit to the output and work produced.

At Business Yoga we believe that even a small amount of time investment will make a big difference in the physical, mental and emotional health.

A recent evaluation of our work with a legal practice resulted in the following feedback:

100% of participants said that their level of Calmness improved

100% of participants said that their physical health had improved

80% of participants said that their overall wellbeing had improved

70% of participants felt that they had more clarity in their working day

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