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My name is Ella, I am a trained yoga instructor, a coach, a published author and professional dancer. I created this concept to support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos. I have experienced first hand how office life can take its toll when wellbeing measures are not put in place. 

Did you know the spine is meant to move in six directions? But in the office we don’t even move it? As a sufferer of back pain (I have scoliosis a spinal misalignment), sitting at a desk all day is challenging. 

I also have a sibling who works in finance in a big London firm, and I have seen her work lifestyle take its toll on her physical and mental wellbeing, which is why I am particularly passionate about helping the finance industry.

I have been practising yoga since 2004, and been teaching since 2011. I trained with Embodied Dancer Yoga Teacher Training, Karam Kriya School & Yoga Teachers College® and practise Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Trapeze.
As a trained dancer, performance highlights have included Russell Maliphant Company, Lea Anderson (The Chomondeleys), Olympics Opening Ceremony, Southpaw and Uchenna. I am also director of international touring Ella Mesma Dance Company.

My name is Emily Rider, and working in employee well-being has always been close to my heart. Ella and I met on a mentoring scheme last year with Be The Business where I started working with Ella as her mentor. The interviews from that process can be found in our blog. Wellness in the workplace is close to my heart and when the formal mentoring relationship came to an end we decided that we wanted to continue working together and I became co-owner of Business Yoga earlier this year.

We are both passionate about changing the way that we work – for the better! And teaching people to take positive breaks, giving themselves the time to move and be mindful during the day.

My background is in Finance where I have worked for several large companies. I have always had a personal interest in well-being and looking after my own health – some months more successfully than others! I know first-hand how sitting at the desk all day and working in a stressful environment can impact the health of our mind and body. I am passionate about making small changes to the way that we work to address the challenges that many of us face.

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  We have also supported law firms, marketing firms, telesales companies and many more…
The Finance Industry is recognised as one of the top industries which experience stress within the workplace. 42% of employees have considered resigning from their positions in the finance industry and 17% of employees have been forced to take time off due to their stress levels. (McCulloch, 2019). 
With this in mind, I created Business Yoga to evaluate and re-imagine the work environment with businesses to reduce discomfort, keep the body healthy, reduce stress, boost productivity and create happy, engaged staff. 
We offer wellbeing work outs that are accessible to all. When a company values wellbeing, satisfaction levels rise and staff are happier and more productive. We have created a range of services to reduce stress, boosting concentration and support recovery and wellbeing in the body delivered by highly trained professionals.

The Benefits

Health & Wellbeing

Regular movement will lead to a reduction of back pain and muscular tension, improved posture, aided recovery, reduction in migraines and asthma related problems, a clearing of toxins, an overall easing of the nervous system, reduced insomnia, lower risk of repetitive strain injuries and a reduction in stiffness.

Reduced Absenteeism

As a result of all of the above, staff will be generally healthier, meaning this could lead to a lower staff turnover, reduced sick leave, and better job security. 2 million workdays are lost in the UK are due to employee stress and anxiety, but research has shown that a relatively small investment into wellbeing: including yoga, mindfulness and massage, has helped reduce absenteeism at work by 30%, saving companies thousand per year.

Employee Happiness

By moving our muscles, fresh blood and oxygen are pumped to the brain affecting not only our ability to concentrate but also our mood and stress levels! Working together for set moments throughout the day will also boost staff relationships producing higher levels of oxytocin in the body, creating happy, loyal staff.

Productivity Boost

Research shows that humans naturally move from full focus and energy to physiological fatigue every 90 minutes, so short sharp bursts of different activity will reboost employee focus, energy and creative imagination.

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