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Have you ever experienced brain fog? Felt unable to concentrate or think clearly? One of the major contributors to brain fog is sitting still! By moving our muscles, fresh blood and oxygen are pumped to the brain affecting not only our ability to concentrate but also our mood and stress levels!

How about stress? Stress is a major part of modern life and affects our overall health and well-being and our productivity, not to mention the costs stress causes companies in absenteeism.

At Business Yoga, we offer a range of convenient wellbeing programmes to combat brain fog and stress (in small convenient increments of time).

All you need is an office space and to spare your staff for 15, 23 or 45 minutes.

Business Yoga

We are the perfect investment for a healthy happy workplace, improving productivity and focus, and reducing and stress.

Business Yoga is about taking small increments of time to make big changes long-time, because time is money.

We bring our programmes to your desk, transforming your working environment and staff.

We guarantee employee satisfaction and an increase in productivity and health.

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