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Winners: Prestige Award: 2020 Workplace Yoga Specialists of The Year:Learn and experience some simple ways to regulate and bring you back to relaxed at the desk and get the best out of you and your employees with Ella Mesma and her team

Business Yoga is about taking small increments of time to make big changes long-time, because time is money.

We bring our programmes to your desk, transforming your working environment and staff.

We guarantee employee satisfaction and an improvement in productivity and health

Putting wellbeing at the heart of the workplace.

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At Business Yoga, we offer a range of convenient wellbeing programmes to combat repetitive strain issues, mental health and stress (delivered as 15, 23, 45 and 55 minute on site sessions).

Our team of highly trained professionals deliver short and effective packages to improve productivity. long term.

When a company values wellbeing, satisfaction levels rise and staff are happier and more productive

Business Yoga help businesses to create wellbeing programs to combat stress and boost productivity. Director Ella Mesma created this concept to support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos. Business Yoga was the result of a brainwave she had while working in an office as she realised that her own productivity dropped as the day went on.

As someone who has suffered with back pain and scoliosis, she really knows how important a supple spine is to a healthy body and so began developing exciting new health and wellness concept of transformational ‘at desk’ workouts and programmes. Business Yoga now serve companies across the UK to solve issues with stress, pain and reduce absenteeism.

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