23onMe® Classes

Take 23 minutes to Fill Up Your Cup

23onMe® is our signature Business Yoga session.Research has proven that taking just 23 minutes to focus on your wellbeing can eliminate stress and boost productivity

23onMe are our unique desk movement sessions which concentrate on simple stretches and breathing techniques that can be done at people’s desks. The techniques are simple and accessible to all and can easily fit into the working day as it can be done in your work clothes. 23onMe is a great way to create the right mindset for productivity and clarity of mind, and there is a direct benefit to the output and work produced.

Our offerings, taught by experts from all over the world have proven invaluable to businesses across the UK, and can have long term, life changing positive impact on staff wellbeing, productivity and happiness, and lead to a reduction in absenteeism, and a boost in profits.