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Hi and welcome to Business Yoga,

My name is Ella

I created this concept to support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos.

Business Yoga was the result of a brainwave I had while working in an office as I realised that my productivity dropped as the day went on. In offices we inhibit natural movement of the spine, making this a primary problem area, and also reducing the blood and oxygen pumped to the brain thus affecting our mood, concentration and stress levels. As someone who has suffered with back pain and scoliosis, I really know how important a supple spine is to a healthy body and so I began developing exciting new health and wellness concept of  ‘at desk’ workouts and I am struck by how transformational they are.

Business Yoga has not only solved my own issues but we have helped other companies in the UK and Portugal to reduce absenteeism.

I have made it my personal mission to support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos, and I would love to help your office to do the same.

At Business Yoga, we offer a range of convenient wellbeing programmes to combat repetitive strain issues, mental health and stress (delivered as 15-45 minute on site sessions).

Our team of highly trained professionals deliver short and effective massage and packages yoga to improve productivity. long term.

When a company values wellbeing, satisfaction levels rise and staff are happier and more productive.

 I would love to offer your company a free desk yoga taster session. Why not sign up today?

Wishing you wellness

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