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Winners: Prestige Award: 2020 Workplace Yoga Specialists of The Year: Business Yoga offer effective ways to regulate and bring team members back to relaxed at the desk and get the best out of everyone in the workplace.

Stress is at an all time high, with  4 in 10 employees in the UK close to Burn Out, and 15 million workdays lost per year to stress and anxiety.

Now with the uncertainties of COVID19, working from home, not having proper office equipment, caring for family members whilst at work, staff are experiencing all kinds of overwhelm.

Business Yoga put wellbeing at the heart of the workplace.


We evaluate and reimagine the work environment with businesses to reduce stress, boost productivity and create happy, engaged staff. 

We offer massage, yoga, breathing, mindfulness and exercise workshops to counter stress with a focus on sitting down: the most unhealthy position we can be in: coined ‘the new smoking’

We can even meet you online if you would prefer not to have external visitors to your place of work!

Our Ethos at Business Yoga

We offer leadership, management and self esteem coaching. We offer nutrition, mental health and team building trainings. We offer office assessments including plant intervention and embodied interior design to create healthy work spaces.

Have our wellbeing experts take care of your staff with weekly workouts to combat stress.

“My name is Ella, and I created this concept to support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos. I would love to offer your company a free desk yoga taster session (available until September 1st). Why not sign up today?
Wishing you wellness”

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