Putting Wellness at the Heart of the Workplace

Business Yoga offer online and in-office corporate yoga and wellbeing sessions to release stress and help staff make good decisions. Our 23onMe membership, timer and workouts have proven invaluable to businesses across the UK. We also offer massage, workshops, coaching, and office design services.

Our sessions work out on average of £5 return for every £1 invested and work out at around £5 or less per staff member per session

We Can Change Your Work Life

Business Yoga is about evolving workplace practices to return to natural health. Stress doesn’t have to be a part of runninga successful business and we can show you how.

In addition to causing physical changes, stress can influence our decision making process. MIT Neuroscientists (funded by National Institute for Mental Health) found that under stress our brains are wired to be more reactionary and can lead to making more risky choices. Our 23onMe sessions take short increments of time to achieve maximum results, helping staff to feel great and enjoy their work day.

Humans are built to stand upright, but evolution hasn’t caught up with modern times where the typical human sits most of the time. With our 23onMe productivity timer and membership site, we help to create good habits and long term health and wellbeing.


My name is Ella, and I created this concept to support companies to put wellbeing at the heart of their ethos. Business Yoga is about taking small increments of time to make big changes to the workplace long term. I have experienced first hand how office life can take its toll when wellbeing measures are not put in place, and as someone who suffers from back pain, I needed to put systems in place to support my wellbeing and so Business Yoga was born

Workplace Wellness

We are about teaching staff to look after themselves and one another: happy people work smart! Bee smart! We endorse stress free workplaces that promote equality, diversity, positive communication. We endorse workspace where staff are focused, happy and empowered to work optimally, improve decision making and boost staff productivity.

Holistic Living

All living organisms, from plants to bees to people, must regulate their internal environment; which is why we look to nature for effective workplace wellbeing. Holistic living means taking care of your entire self; mind, body, emotions, and soul. We have created a range of services to reduce stress, boosting concentration and support recovery and wellbeing in the body delivered by highly trained professionals.

Common Problems

Stress is at an all time high – with 4/10 employees in the UK close to burnout – and 15 million workdays lost per year to stress and anxiety: a yearly cost of £6.9 billion to employers! The main factors contributing to lifestyle diseases include bad food habits, physical inactivity, wrong body posture, and disturbed biological clock.

Office lifestyles are linked to: 

A healthy lifestyle is suggested as the solution to combat these: with a balanced diet, physical activity and mindfulness we can decrease these problems. It is suggested we change positions every eight minutes, and take a two-minute “moving break” at least twice an hour.

In these difficult times, we invite you to join us for 15 moves in 15 minutes to reduce stress and boost your immunity

  • Lack of Space? Only a chair and desk needed for a desk session
    Injuries? Simple sessions to deal with repetitive strain and other injuries available
  • Lack of Time? Our shortest sessions are part of our membership at 3minutes, or we have 15 minute, 23 minute, 45 minute and one hour sessions.
  • Cost of sessions? Our sessions work out on average of £5 return for every £1 invested and work out at around £5 or less per staff member per session
  • Beginners? Sessions are for all level and abilities

Be More (Inspired by Nature)

We look to nature, because we would like to empower our customers to be in balance, and in turn to pollinate the work space with positive mentality and wellness at the heart…


Results We have Helped Create

Award winning Business Yoga came first for Workplace Yoga Specialists of The Year: Prestige Award: 2020