What we offer

“In this busy world where targets are to be achieved, deadlines are to be met and a million different plates are needing to be spun at the same time, many of us are so busy that we don’t even notice the tension that we are holding in our bodies and minds”. Rachel Gosling

We are a wellness company that bring our expertise to your corporation to transform the work space and empower staff, bringing calm and focus to the mind, and body and reducing the aches induced by office life.

Movement Sessions:

We offer five movement sessions which bring calm and focus to the mind, and body and reduce the aches induced by office life:

(23:23) Business Yoga© Movement Meditation (Read More)

A specifically designed Business Yoga© Movement Meditation session involving 23 moves in 23 minutes at the desk. The session will not raise a sweat so there is no need to change or even leave your desk. 

(15:15) Business Yoga© Movement Meditation (Read More)

Is a 15 minute Business Yoga© Movement Meditation session to allow a quick fix for staff pushed for time. We bring the class to the desk

(15:15) Work Out (Read More)

Using the equipment in the office we have created a 15 minute workout to get your team revived and ready for high productivity. 

45 Minute Yoga Class (Read More)

Offer your clients a full yoga class. This experience requires a clear space, yoga mats (or opt for hatha style chair yoga), and staff to change into gym wear. Our team include accredited Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa teachers.  

45 minute Work Out (Read More)

Give your team a lunchtime work out. This experience requires a clear space and staff to change into gym wear: sweating anticipated!

Acupressure massages (Read More)

15:15 Acupressure Massage (Read More)

We offer 15 minute seated acupressure chair massages. Staff don’t need to undress and we don’t use oils so you can go straight back to work feeling great. 

Office Assessment Sessions (Read More)

The better the energy in the office, the higher productivity. Using desk assessment training, feng shui and nature, we can help you to create a positive working environment in your office. 

Leadership Courses (Read More)

We can support office staff to unlock their potential, behave as leaders and create a shared story of success in the workplace with one to one and group coaching.

Packages (Read More)

We have various packages which you can choose or create your own bespoke package suited to the needs of your company and team. We can teach one session every day of the week, once or twice a week or once a month. 

Alchemist Package (11:11) (Read More)

A Business Yoga© movement session a week 

45 minute yoga or work out session a week

Two acupressure massage sessions a week 

One hour team building a month

(Plus a free desk assessment when you book a year contract)

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