“Our Business Yoga© Movement Meditations are short sequences, targeted at business people who may spend prolonged amounts of time sat at a desk and do not have much time for themselves.” Ella Mesma


   Having worked in a number of offices, and a sufferer of scoliosis, I developed Business Yoga© to share the benefits yoga practice had on my own body with office workers. 

I began my own yoga journey in 2001. I specialise in vinyasa flow and meditation. I am passionate about supporting people to be at their optimum health of mind body and soul.

In addition to my initial 200 hour yoga teacher training, I am also qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga with the Karam Kriya school.

I have taught yoga to businesses in London, Leeds, Lisbon and Newcastle. I am also a dancer, choreographer and coach. 


I have a unique style of teaching, using the traditional practices of yoga, adding some modern twists, and exploring how these can be of huge benefit to us in our society today. My classes are relaxed and playful while offering solid instruction and attention to detail. Lovingly dubbed the “Yoga Witch” by students, I weave my magic into every class, allowing people to deeply relax and leave feeling like new.

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years and been teaching for five. I have always been a “mover” but found the true value of yoga as I explored ways to manage and recover from my own physical and mental dis-ease in 2009-10. This difficult and life changing time was a turning point for me and I have never looked back.

Having spent a lifetime in resistance and pushing (which I believes created my illness), I am keen to support people to use their bodies in a healthy and functional way, embodying the principles of yoga. Integral to my teaching is a connection to mental and emotional self-care and an understanding that our mind, body and spirit are one.

I specialise in therapeutic styles of yoga, supporting people to get back to themselves and their true essence. In addition to my initial 300 hour yoga teacher training, I am also qualified to teach Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Womb Yoga and Restorative Yoga.


Yoga and mindfulness crept into my life in the most delightful way. As a dancer I experienced insights into the world of yoga and meditation and quickly realised how beneficial these practises are for both mental and physical wellbeing.

When doing office work I soon felt an increase in back and knee pain (which I have suffered with in the past) and also felt the pressure with trying to find time for wellness activies. It would have been amazing to have business yoga in that office!

In my busy life with two small children I find support and release in movement and meditation. I am super happy to be able to share this with other people, through my work teaching dance, fitness, mindfulness and as a massage therapist.

My qualifications and training include a NVQ2 in Exercise and Fitness Instructing, a BA Hons Degree in Performance: Dance from York St John University, I then complete my dance training at the conservatoire – Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. I hold a post graduate diploma in dance teaching and learning and am trained in teaching both Zumba and Veraflow. I also have a VCTC Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Massage.


Everything we do in life impacts our purpose in ways we may not sometimes see. My initial decision to study the arts tapped into the creativity in me that would later reveal itself as intuitive touch.

The many years of taking dance courses would influence my understanding of the body and its need to be rejuvenated, stretched, released, and strengthened to support its movement.

My resistance to working in a seated corporate environment would place me in that very setting as a way to help restore some balance to the individuals there. To bring awareness of wellbeing, posture, breath, strength and flexibility required to maintain focus and vitality at work and life in general. Along with sharing the experiential knowledge I’ve gained, I would provide dedicated time to releasing tension, blockages and initiating the body’s own restorative process.

My initial training in the western modalities of massage, later led me to gravitate to eastern techniques and the fusion of both. However in the corporate environment, the clothed, seated approach is both convenient, comfortable, and effective in a short space of time. The use of acupressure on specific points where tension and toxins accumulate, promote the flow of energy, blood and lymph. Combined with compression of muscles which are not being used, or used in an intense way after long periods of stillness, stress and intense focus, as a way to gradually release their tightness.

In a collaborative effort to promote and contribute to the wellbeing of many, Ella and I are combining our skills to restore and empower those in every phase of improving their holistic health.


I discovered Ashtanga Yoga whilst training at Tring Park, where I studied with Morgan Cloud. Since then, yoga has been a predominant part of my life. I am a yoga instructor and dancer, working throughout the UK and Europe.

I studied a 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyassa Course at Spirit Sadhana School of Yoga in Barcelona. I am so grateful to have this daily practice that has led to huge transformation in me and my life. My goal is to be a channel for yoga, to share the tools I have learnt, to heal and help others along their journey of life.


I am a playful and curious yoga teacher.

My classes are accessible and delivered with gentle humour. I am deeply passionate about helping people to connect mind and body, bringing presence and relaxation to busy lives.

Through a mix of traditional Hatha yoga and my own unique style, I focus on the fundamentals to encourage a greater sense of ease, freedom and awareness.

As an ex-office worker and snowboarder with experience of chronic injury and pain, I specialise in finding creative ways to re-pattern postural habits, reduce pain and promote healing.

I am also a dance artist and performance poet, ensuring that an in depth knowledge of the body combined with creative design and delivery are at the heart of each and every session I teach.

I look forward to practising with you – either on the mat or at your desk – it really doesn’t matter. I strongly believe that Yoga is for everyone, and can be practised anywhere!


Moving is something innate to all of us. Long hours behind a desk or the wheel of a car can make us feel tense and fool us into thinking we don’t have the capacity to feel free within our body. Once you start to move regularly you begin to wonder how you managed for so long without mindfully moving. The release feels so good. As a freelance professional dancer with many years of teaching experience – aside from the obvious physical benefits – yoga helps me to feel balanced and able to manage my hectic lifestyle. I have in the past done my fair share of working in an office environment so I know the impact it can have on the body and the way you feel. Over the past few years yoga has become intrinsic to my movement practise, to my life. I hope you find a sense of release and insight through practising with me.


Cross-discipline professional graduated in Marketing and fascinated by photography, creativity and movements, I started teaching children when I was 16 and nowadays I hves been teaching for the last 2 years learning disabilities adults.

I have been practising yoga regularly since 2010 and I have been assisting workshops to engage people with time restricted to physical exercises for the last 3 years when I started my masters in Trinity Laban Dance Conservatoire.


I trained as a performance artist first in France, and later in the UK after moving to London over a decade ago. It was in London I began training in Samba and Afro-Brazilian styles, and later in Bharatanatyam with Smt. Radhini Sivadharan, under whom I completed her Diploma in 2015 and Post Diploma in 2018.

Through Indian Classical dance, I developed a strong interest for Yogic philosophy and practice, and its relevance both for movement execution and general well-being.


Professional Dancer and Choreographer from Italy, I am well known for my positive and passionate attitude that brought me to travel to New York, Bruxelles, Paris and Los Angeles (thanks to a scholarship) to improve and train many styles that make me a very versatile performer today.

After many experiences with Dance Companies, work on TV, Films, Music videos and a hectic life in London, I re-discovered the importance of taking care of my body and soul through yoga and meditation. I enjoy teaching adults and kids and help them improving their confidence. I also have experience in teaching inclusive dance and am very excited about the “Business Yoga” project as another way to help people to feel better through simple movements that can change daily life for the better.

Hsing Ya

Born in Taiwan, I am an international contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher. My professional training includes Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Improvisation, Contact improvisation, Yoga, Belly dancing and Tai-Chi. My Eastern and Western training make me a diverse teacher and artist.

In 2016 I joined Ella Mesma Company and most recently performed with the company at Sadler’s Wells. My performance experience also includes Feng Dance Theatre, Dance Forum Taipei Company, WC dance company and Appetite Dance Productions.

I have a major in Choreography from the Graduate Institution of Dance Performance and Choreography of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) in Taiwan. I taught professional dance sessions at Cloud Gate Dance Studio in Taiwan for 6 years before moving to the UK. My curious mind led me to the mat. I have learned different styles of yoga, practicing with great teachers. Yoga is my passion, the home of my heart. I teach because I love sharing yoga and the benefits with gained with others.


I trained at London Studio Centre where I received the Award for Achievement in Contemporary Dance upon graduation.  I was a member of Tap Attack with whom I represented England at the Tap Dance World Championships.  After travelling South America and discovering my love of Latin dance, I was accepted into Element Arts Urban Latin company, and am now the Assistant Director. 

I also dance for all-female hip hop company, MyselfUK with whom I have worked for Nike, The Olivier Awards, Miss Caribbean UK, Breakin’ Convention at Sadler’s Wells etc. Other performance credits include: Hunter Boots, Hotel Chocolat, The Peacock Theatre,  New Wimbledon Theatre, Manoto TV and many more.  I have a background working as a carer and combined my love of this and dance by starting to teach inclusive dance.  I have taught all across London and the UK, and in 2016 co-founded inclusive teaching company, HarmonyDance.


I have been dancing since I was three years old studying The Royal Ballet method and continued my education in the performing arts through youth theatre groups and simultaneously training athletics. I continued my dance education with D.N.I Tango in Buenos Aires and later went onto study contemporary dance at The Facultade de Dança Angel Vianna in Rio de Janeiro. I went onto work as an apprentice with Cia de Dança Deborah Colker and to work in Brazil with the choreographers Gustavo Cirico, Frederico Paredes and Maira Maneschy.

I performed with Vertigo Dance Company in Israel the pieces Vertigo 20 and Mana. Since returning to the UK, I have worked with the choreographer Ella Mesma on the piece Ladylike, Ajé. I also specialize in Latin Dance, I am a Tango dancer currently performing with the Leandro Palou Tango Academy, the dancer Gonzalo Ferro and recently competed in the European Tango Championship reaching the semi-final. I accredit my love of movement to my Grandmother, Tango and Samba, my “first loves” and have danced with the Samba Schools; Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, Salgueiro and Estácio de Sá. I have been developing my own line of Tango Therapy through founding the organization “Grupo Alma”.