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I created Business Yoga© because, after seeing friends and family struggle with their work life, and experiencing my own shifts in energy during the work day, I realised how important healthy body and mind was for the care of workers. 

As a scoliosis sufferer I really know how important a limber spine is to a healthy body (in office work we inhibit natural movement of the spine making this a primary problem area!), and I cannot begin to stress how much meditation, movement and yoga have changed my life for the better, helping me to combat those stresses.

I decided to make it my personal mission to make sure that staff wellbeing is at the centre of the ethos of every company, helping office life become a place that everyone could love going to.

So far, I have helped to create positive work environments in workplaces across the UK and Lisbon, and in each workplace that I have had the opportunity to do this, I have seen productivity increase, overall happiness increase and less sickness at work.

I would love to bring that to your place of work…! 

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