Business Yoga©  is the perfect care of duty choice for employers. It gives employees time ‘off the clock’ to work on themselves; heighten their sense of wellbeing and consequently, improve their work performance.

“It is a yoga quick fix surgery for healthy bodies, healthy minds, happy staff” U4

“Business Yoga brought focus to our office and rebooted our staff and team morale” Itzik Wilson

“Taking half an hour early afternoon to do business yoga together was brilliant.  It was a great pick-me-up for both mind and body and we could do it at our desks with no need to change our clothes.” Patricia Stead

23:23: 23 Moves in 23 Minutes©
15:15: 15 Moves in 15 Minutes©
11:11: The Full yoga experience (One hour)

7:7: Yoga Cards 7 moves to give you a quick fix at your desk


Business Yoga© offer classes for office teams designed to relieve the stress and tensions induced in office work.

We take yoga to the workplace, working the body and slowing down the mind.

The sequence 23:23 (23 moves in 23 minutes) is the core Business Yoga sequence – taught around the world. The vast majority of our customers choose this option. We also offer 15:15 (fifteen moves in fifteen minutes), 7:7 (cards and online videos offering 7 moves to give you a quick fix at your desk), and 11:11 (The full experience: an hour long yoga session).

Business Yoga is about service: We deliver excellent classes in mindfulness, breath and body wellbeing to people who need it.